Selected Stock

Mathew de Moiser, Independant, Laminex on ply, 60x60cm $2,900

Nick Swann, Since I Searched, oil on canvas, 71x78cm $1,500

Josh Honeyman, skyline V $1,200

acrylic on polycotton 100x26cm

Mimi Jaksic-Berger $9,000

oil on canvas, 86x86cm, 2015

Drew Bickford, Wendigo $1,800

pen and ink on paper, 65 x 45cm (framed)

Pages from The Book of Safe Harbours $1,800

ink, pencil, acrylic, gesso on 2 panels, each panel, 30x20cm

Juz Kitson, It's beautiful and deadly, up there, you would hate it $18,000

southern ice porcelain, wax, flocking, diamond python skin, glass, lace, ink, horsehair, bone, alpaca wool, Approx 180x300cm

Alessia Sakoff, Out of the Woodwork No.9, Ink and gouache on paper on board, 50x50cm $900

Chriss Clement, oil on linen, 42x53cm $1,800

Michael Kempson, Accumulated Experience, 2019, etching $1600 (framed)

Tom Langlands, 45rpm $2,200

acrylic on raw linen, 120x120cm

Chris Clements, Cobalt Yellow Opuntia Variation, oil on linen, 94x94cm, $2800

Chris Clements, Egyptian Violet Opuntia Variation, oil on linen, 94x94cm, $2800

Chris Clements, Sea Mist Green Opuntia Variation, oil on linen, 73x73cm, $1800