Rosemary Lee

Moth, Blue Mountains, multimedia, 80x60cm, framed behind glass


Still Life, pencil on paper, 113x80cm (sold)

Begonia, pencil and ink on paper, 69x49cm (framed behind glass)

Self Portrait Interior, pencil on paper, 87x62cm (framed behind glass)

Portrait, 38x44cm, oil on board

Self Portrait, oil on board, 30x24cm

Rosemary Lee, oil on board, 29x25cm

May Milton Self, oil on board, 61x76cm

Rosemary Lee, oil on board, 50x55cm

Me and my Pot, ceramic, 35x30cm

Red Laceing Atrustbelt, pencil on paper, 54x69cm (SOLD)

Winghan, pencil on paper, (sold)

Isolation 2, pencil on paper, 45x32cm (framed behind glass)

Flo, pencil on paper, 45x32cm (SOLD)

Isolation, pencil on paper, 45x32cm (fSOLD)

Thistle, etching, 56x42cm (SOLD)

On Hold

Etching, 26x44cm (window mounted, framed behind glass)

Shell, etching, 42x55cm (window mounted, framed behind glass)

Sean, oil on board, 50x40cm

Shinramen, pen on paper, 63x45cm (framed behind glass (SOLD)

Blursed Waratah, pen and liquid paper on paper, (framed behind glass w/found frame)

Untitled, monotype, 30x22cm, (framed behind glass)