Adam Cullen

8. Bunyip, cast bronze, 75x36x30cm, 2012

Pig, 40x50cm, acylic on canvas framed hehind glass

Kelly and Sergent Steel's Horse, 98x73cm, 19 colour screen print on Somerset 410gsm paper Edn. 69/95 (Black Rat Press) $6000

Megafaurna, acylic on canvas framed hehind glass, 90x130cm $18,000

9. I wish I was Benny Hill (Trouble & Squalor), acrylic on canvas, 184x153cm, 2004

10. Cocktail Girl and Blind Date

11. Red Cross, acrylic on canvas,183x183cm, 2007

14. Unhappy Jack out of the Box

acrylic on canvas, 90x58cm, 2011

Ned Kelly Holding up a 14. Kangaroo, gouache on paper, 56×83cm

15. All Crime is illness acrylic on canvas, 152x182, 2001

16. Boarcast bronze, 12x17x9cm, 2012 $7000

17. Pathological Edward Kellyacrylic on canvas, 152x152cm, 2011

Aztek Girl, acrylic on canvas, 50x40cm 2011