Michael Bell

1. Michael Bell, The Studio with The Goat picture, 78x107cm (SOLD)

2. Rehearsal for The after party, 78x107cm $5,000

3. Pets, 24x20cm (SOLD)

4. The Monkey Artist (after Chardin) 20x24cm (SOLD)

5. Red Flags for Larry, 20x24cm $800

6. Michael Bell, Immanent bad weather, 24x20cm (Sold)

7. Studio table with heads, 77x108cm $5,000

8. Michael Bell, The foxies in the studio, 53x67cm (sold)

9. Goat Island in the rain, 48x40cm (SOLD)

10. The after party, 130x200cm $15,000

11. Studio with the Donkey picture, 78x107cm $5,000

12. Donkey Island, 48x40cm (SOLD)

13. Studio Head, 78x107cm $5,000

14. The Lamb, South Australia, 20x24cm $800

15. Dog with two heads, 30x25cm (SOLD)

16. Dog Beach, 20x24cm  (SOLD)

17. Fete Day, 24x20cm (SOLD)

18. Dog at night, 20x24cm,  (SOLD)

19. The lamb and The Obelisk, 20x24cm (SOLD)

20. Advice from a parent, 20x24cm (SOLD)

21. The new dog , 20x24cm  (SOLD)

22. Socks drying in the studio 103x113cm $6000

23. The parrots from the studio window, 30x20cm (SOLD)

24. The painting monkey (after Decamps) 40x48cm (SOLD)

26. The Obelisk, Newcastle, 24x20cm (SOLD)